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Category Archives: Opinion

Buy a $1M Resale HDB or a $1M Resale Condo?

Aug 19, 2023
As we witness an increase in million-dollar transactions for HDB flats in central regions like Queenstown or partic [more]
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Great Reasons for Condo Owners to Sell upon ...

Aug 17, 2023
A new record for the highest price per square foot for a 2-bedroom home in Midtown Modern was set at $3,150 psf. Th [more]
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The Cost of Housing – Affordability vs...

Aug 11, 2023
The escalating costs of both public and private housing prompt us to ponder whether homes in Singapore are truly ov [more]
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The Impact of a Real Estate Agent on Your Pr...

Aug 09, 2023
The standard cost of a property agent is known to most of us, which is usually two percent of the sale price. Howev [more]
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Evaluating Property Investments: Pros and Co...

Aug 07, 2023
Singapore is the fifth most expensive country to purchase property, yet it boasts one of the highest rates of homeo [more]
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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Jul 18, 2023
Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Singapore Singapore, a vibrant city-state located in Southeast Asia, is known for its [more]
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How Can You Prepare for Retirement in an Exp...

Jun 30, 2023
As you may have heard, the retirement age was bumped up to 63 – yet no need to be surprised, as the amended R [more]
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Does Sell 1 Buy 2 Strategy Still Works Today...

Jun 28, 2023
I’m going to be discussing the “Sell One By Two” property investment strategy that you may have heard about on the [more]
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Freehold Properties vs Leasehold Properties:...

Jun 26, 2023
In Singapore, where property is a hot topic, it is common to discuss the differences between leasehold and freehold [more]
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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring an ...

Jun 09, 2023
I acknowledge that an experienced agent can be beneficial for an effortless transaction. Even people with considera [more]
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Unlock the Potential of Your Home: 5 Reasons...

Jun 06, 2023
Though it may seem counter-intuitive to sell your home after having invested so much time and money into making it [more]
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Should Buying A Low Lease Project Be A Viabl...

Jun 01, 2023
Recently, attitudes among the younger generation towards low lease projects have been shifting. We’re seeing [more]
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