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5 Things to Know About Singapore’s Public Housing System

Posted by Jayson Ang on June 16, 2023
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5 Things to Know About Singapore’s Public Housing System

With over 80% of Singaporeans living in public housing, it’s important to understand how it all works. Here are 5 things you need to know about Singapore’s Public Housing System.

1. The Housing and Development Board (HDB) is the government agency responsible for the development and management of public housing in Singapore. HDB flats, as they are commonly known, provide affordable housing options for the majority of Singaporeans.

2. The majority of public housing in Singapore is in the form of high-rise apartment buildings, known as HDB flats. These flats are available for purchase or rent, and are typically located in designated housing estates with amenities such as supermarkets, schools, and public transportation.

3. To qualify for a public housing flat, applicants must be Singapore citizens and meet certain income and age requirements. The HDB also offers various schemes such as the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant and the Special CPF Housing Grant to help lower-income families afford a flat.

4. The HDB also offers various upgrading programs, including the Home Improvement Program and the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme, to help residents improve their living conditions and upgrade their flats.

5. Public housing in Singapore is also known for its strong sense of community. Many housing estates have active grassroots organizations that organize events and activities for residents, and the HDB also encourages the formation of community networks through initiatives.

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1. 建屋发展局(HDB)是负责新加坡公共房屋开发和管理的政府机构。HDB是给大多数新加坡人提供负担得起的住房选择。

2. 新加坡的大部分公共住房都是高层公寓楼,即组屋。 这些公寓可供购买或出租,通常位于指定的住宅区,配备超市、学校和公共交通等便利设施。

3. 要获得公共住房组屋资格,申请人必须是新加坡公民并满足一定的收入和年龄要求。 建屋局还提供各种计划,例如增强型公积金住房补助金和特别公积金住房补助金,以帮助低收入家庭买得起组屋。

4. 建屋局提供各种升级计划,包括家居改善计划和选择性整体重建计划,以帮助居民改善生活条件和提升他们的组屋价值。

5. 新加坡的公共住房也以其强烈的社区意识而著称。 许多住宅区都有活跃的基层组织,为居民组织活动,建屋局也鼓励通过倡议形成社区网络。


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