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5 Things to Know About the Singapore Property Tax System

Posted by Jayson Ang on June 18, 2023
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5 Things to Know About the Singapore Property Tax System

Here are 5 things you need to know about the Singapore property tax system to make sure you’re compliant and maximizing your savings.

1. Property tax in Singapore is based on the Annual Value (AV) of a property, which is an estimate of the property’s rental income potential. The AV is determined by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and is used to calculate the property tax due.

2. The property tax rate for residential properties is progressive, with higher rates applied to properties with higher AVs. For non-residential properties, the tax rate is fixed at 10%.

3. Property owners are responsible for paying property tax, and tax bills are issued by IRAS on an annual basis. The due date for payment is usually within 30 days of the date of the tax bill.

4. There are several reliefs and rebates available to property owners in Singapore, including the Additional Relief for owner-occupiers, the Special Tax Rebate, and the Property Tax Rebate. These can help to reduce the amount of tax owed.

5. The property tax in Singapore is generally considered to be low compared to other major cities around the world. Additionally, Property Tax in Singapore is deductible for income tax purpose for the owner of the property.

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1. 新加坡的房产税是根据房产的年价值 (AV) 计算的。它是对房产租金收入潜力的估计。 AV 由新加坡国内税务局 (IRAS) 确定,用于计算应缴财产税。

2. 住宅物业的物业税税率是累进的,AV 值越高的物业适用的税率越高。 对于非住宅物业,税率固定为 10%。

3. 税单由IRAS 每年开具,业主有责任缴纳房产税。 付款到期日通常在税单日期后 30 天内。

4. 新加坡的业主可以享受多项减免和退税,包括自住业主的额外减免、特别退税和房产税退税。 这些可以帮助减少欠税额。

5. 与世界其他的城市相比,新加坡的房产税普遍被认为较低。 此外,新加坡的财产税可用于财产所有者的所得税扣除。


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