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Why Chinese Investors Should Not Be Deterred by ABSD: 5 Reasons

Posted by Jayson Ang on June 26, 2023
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Why Chinese Investors Should Not Be Deterred by ABSD: 5 Reasons

Here are the top 5 reasons why Chinese investors should not be discouraged by the ABSD.

1. Capital appreciation potential: Despite the additional cost of the ABSD, Singapore’s property market is still considered to have strong potential for capital appreciation. The limited supply of land and high demand for properties in Singapore can lead to an increase in property values over time. This is particularly true for prime locations such as Sentosa and prime districts like district 9,10 and 11. Furthermore, Singapore’s government has implemented several plans and policies to support the property market, which can help to boost property values in the long run.

2. Strong rental demand: Singapore’s stable economy, high standard of living and growing population, provide a steady demand for rental properties. The ABSD does not affect rental income, so investors can still expect to receive a steady stream of rental income from their properties. Furthermore, the rental yield in Singapore is relatively high compared to other countries, which can provide good returns to investors.

3. Tax benefits: Singapore has a low property tax rate and several reliefs and rebates available to property owners. The ABSD is also tax-deductible, which can help to offset the additional cost. Additionally, Singapore does not impose any capital gains tax on properties, which can help to maximize returns for investors.

4. Diversification of investment portfolio: Singapore’s property market offers a safe and stable investment option, and investing in properties can provide diversification benefits to investors’ portfolio. By having a property investment in Singapore, Chinese investors can diversify their portfolio and lower their risk by spreading their investments across different asset classes.

5. Long-term investment: The ABSD is a short-term cost that does not affect the long-term potential of a property investment. Chinese investors should consider the long-term potential of a property investment, rather than just the short-term costs. The ABSD is only payable when purchasing a property, and it is not a recurring cost. Therefore, it should be viewed as a one-time cost that can be offset by the long-term potential of the property investment.

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1. 资本增值潜力:尽管额外买方印花税带来额外成本,新加坡的房地产市场仍被认为具有强大的资本增值潜力。 新加坡有限的土地供应和对房地产的高需求可能会导致房地产价值随着时间增长。 对于圣淘沙等黄金地段,第9,10和 11 区等黄金地段尤其如此。此外,新加坡政府已实施多项计划和政策来支持房地产市场,从长远来看,这有助于提升房地产价值。

2. 租赁需求旺盛:新加坡稳定的经济、高生活水平和不断增长的人口,为租赁物业提供了稳定的需求。 额外买方印花税不会影响租金收入,因此投资者仍然可以期望从他们的房产中获得稳定的租金收入。 此外,与其他国家对比,新加坡的租金收益率相对较高,可为投资者提供良好的回报。

3. 税收优惠:新加坡的房产税率较低,业主可享受多项减免和退税。 此外,新加坡不对房地产征收任何资本利得税,这有助于最大限度地提高投资者的回报。

4. 投资组合多元化:新加坡的房地产市场提供了安全稳定的投资选择,投资房地产可以为投资者的投资组合带来多元化收益。 在新加坡进行房地产投资,中国投资者可以通过将投资分散到不同的资产类别来分散投资组合并降低风险。

5. 长期投资:额外买方印花税是短期成本,不会影响房地产投资的长期潜力。 中国投资者应该考虑房地产投资的长期潜力,而不仅仅是短期成本。 因此,它应该被视为一次性成本,能够协助房地产投资的长期潜力所抵消。


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