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Top 5 Overlooked Features that Buyers are Looking for in Singapore Property

Posted by Jayson Ang on May 17, 2023
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The top 5 overlooked features that buyers are looking for in the Singapore real estate market. These are the overlooked features that can make a property more desirable and increase its value in the market.

1. Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is an often overlooked feature that can make a property more attractive to buyers. Features such as energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and double-paned windows can help reduce energy costs and make a property more environmentally friendly.

2. Outdoor spaces: Outdoor spaces such as balconies, terraces, and gardens are highly sought-after amenities in the Singapore market. They provide a place for homeowners to relax and enjoy the outdoors, and can add value to a property.

3. Quality finishes: Buyers are looking for properties with high-quality finishes such as hardwood floors, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. These features can add value to a property and make it more appealing to buyers.

4. Storage: Storage is an important amenity for buyers, especially in the dense and urban environment of Singapore. Properties with ample storage space, such as walk-in closets and pantries, are more appealing to buyers.

5. Security: Security is a top priority for buyers in Singapore, and properties with features such as gated communities, security cameras, and alarm systems are more desirable.

By looking for these 5 overlooked features, you can increase the appeal and value of your property in the Singapore real estate market.

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  • 能源效率。节能电器、LED 照明和双层玻璃窗等功能有助于降低能源成本并使房产更加环保,能够提高房子的价值。
  • 户外空间。比如阳台,露台,花园等的户外空间在新加坡的市场非常抢手。这些地方可以提供一个舒适的环境,好让房主放松,提高房产价值。

  • 优质饰面。优质饰面的房产,例如硬木地板、花岗岩台面和不锈钢器具, 都很受许多买家的欢迎。这些饰面能够增加房产的价值,使其对买家更具吸引力。
  • 储物。尤其在新加坡人口稠密的城市环境中,有足够的储空间的房产,例如步入式衣橱和茶水间,对买家更具吸引力。
  • 安全。对于新加坡的买家,安全是一个非常重要的因素。如果房子有有门禁社区、安全摄像头和警报系统等功能的房产更为可取。




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