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The 5 Most Common Mistakes First-Time Buyers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Posted by Jayson Ang on June 12, 2023
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The 5 Most Common Mistakes First-Time Buyers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Here are the 5 most common mistakes first-time buyers make and how to avoid them

1. Not doing enough research: It is important for first-time buyers to thoroughly research the real estate market in Singapore before making a purchase. This includes understanding the various property types and locations available, as well as factors that may affect the value of a property such as transportation options and proximity to amenities.

2. Not considering long-term goals: First-time buyers should consider their long-term goals when purchasing a property. For example, if they plan to start a family in the near future, they may want to consider a property with more bedrooms or in a location with good schools.

3. Failing to budget properly: It is important for first-time buyers to carefully budget and plan for the costs associated with purchasing a property, including the down payment, closing costs, and ongoing expenses such as maintenance and property taxes.

4. Not seeking professional help: First-time buyers may benefit from seeking the advice of a financial planner or real estate agent to help them navigate the process of purchasing a property. These professionals can provide valuable guidance and assistance in areas such as finding a suitable property, negotiating a purchase price, and understanding the legal and financial aspects of the process.

5. Not understanding the terms of the purchase: First-time buyers should carefully review and understand the terms of the purchase, including any restrictions or obligations that may be associated with the property. This may include the terms of the mortgage, any maintenance or association fees, and any restrictions on renovations or changes to the property. It is important to be aware of these terms to avoid any unexpected costs or difficulties in the future.

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首次购房者最常犯的 5 个错误以及如何避免这些错误。

1. 没有做足够的研究:在购买房产之前,建议你研究新加坡的房地产市场。 这包括了解可用的各种房产类型和位置,以及可能影响房产价值的因素,例如交通选择和与便利设施的距离。

2. 不考虑长期目标:首次购房者在购买房产时应该考虑你的长期目标。 例如,如果你计划在不久的将来组建家庭,建议你考虑找拥有更多卧室或位于有好学校的地点的房产。

3. 预算不当:对于首次购房者来说,仔细预算和计划与购买房产相关的费用非常重要,包括首付款、关闭费用以及维护和房产税等持续费用。

4. 不寻求专业帮助:首次购房者应该寻求财务规划师或房地产经纪人,以因为这能帮助买家驾驭购买房产的过程。 这些专业人士可以帮你寻找合适的房产、谈判购买价格以及了解流程的法律和财务方面等方面提供宝贵的指导和帮助。


5. 不理解购买条款:建议首次购房者仔细阅读并理解购买条款,包括可能与房产相关的任何限制或义务。 这可能包括抵押条款、任何维护或协会费用,以及对财产翻新或变更的任何限制。 请务必了解这些条款,以避免将来发生任何意外费用或困难。


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我可以为您带来丰富的实地经验和数据驱动的方法,以提供清晰度和方向。 从初学者到经验丰富的投资者,我会使用客观的方法在您的房地产之旅中为您提供有效地帮助。


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