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P.R.O.N.E Framework

Identify Projects to Maximise Your Return of Equity with Minimal Risks

Are You Investing or Gambling?

Which is Better?

With a Pipeline of New Projects, Selecting the Right Project is Really Not Easy, thus, by Teaching + Applying Strategies to Identify other Supporting Projects to Leverage on in Today’s Market, Ensure that you Tick All the Boxes in my P.R.O.N.E Framework with Confidence!

Over my past 6 years, I have helped my clients made their money in selected projects using my P.R.O.N.E framework; here are some examples of past projects;

Just based on the above FRAMEWORK that you will learn from me, I am sure you will not make the wrong decision in selecting the right property. Even if you have not buy or bought, you should be here to learn this skill from me.

Find out what is best for you with
PropNex Associate Group Director,
Jayson Ang

With his career experience of more than 5¬†years, he has curated a set of asset progression which has benefited his clients greatly. For current and aspiring Singapore property investors, his role is to help them invest wisely. Not only that, he has consistently minimised many of his clients’ risks by leveraging on the most suitable loans available, while maximising the profit potential of their investments.

Being a property investor, he has never invest based on speculation and emotion buying. Using his experience and hard facts and figures, he determines the RIGHT property to invest.

To put his knowledge into writing, Jayson also wrote a book – Asset Progression Checklist, in 2019. The book coaches investors step-by-step guides on conducting researches before purchasing their properties.

Cited with real life case studies, Jayson pens down realistic and detail methodology which ensures reader to grow their wealth in a predictable way.


At the end of the day, careful planning and meticulous financial calculations are crucial steps to achieving your dream lifestyle.

There is NOTHING to lose in gaining more knowledge. 

After all, knowledge is power.

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