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The following case studies below are my recent clients whom I worked with recently. They came from various backgrounds and financial resources.

But what they have in common : A Desire to improve their existing property portfolio to suit their current and future financial needs.

Case Study #1

Upgraded from Punggol Flat to 3-room condo in Sengkang

This family of 4 was originally staying in Blk 101C Punggol Place. They are in the late 30s. I helped them sell their HDB flat within 1 week, and thereafter bought a brand new 3 room condo in Sengkang.

They need not worry about financing the monthly instalments for more than 8 years.

Case Study #2

First Time Buyer Couple to 3 Room Condo in RCR Region

Very young couple in the late 20s, was initially got a Queue to a HDB BTO. They wanted to shorten their wait to retirement and discussed which asset class will help them achieve their goals. After sharing with them Facts & Figures about the Pros & Cons on each asset class, and the potential that each brings. After detailed calculations, they realised that they can own a brand new condo at Woodleigh with high upside potential.

The most important thing is that, they understood how to use their money to work harder for them, instead of them working hard! 

Case Study #3

From Sengkang HDB 5 rm flat and Upgraded into a 3 rm Condo

Family of 4 with 2 kids. They have been living in their 5 room HDB flat for about 15 years. However, the couple observed that their HDB is not appreciating fast enough as they wished. Moreover, the couple have used substantial CPF monies to finance the HDB and with the accrued and compounded interest over the years, it is slowly eroding their cash proceeds of their HDB.

The most important thing is that, they understood and discover the urgency to build back their retirement income! 

Case Study #4

Right-Sized Bishan 5 room HDB to 3 room HDB in Bedok

Family of 3. After staying in their 5 room for 12 years, they decided to cash out from their HDB and right sized to a smaller 3 room HDB in Bedok. However, they had difficulty selling their Bishan HDB for over 3 years due to HDB Ethnic Quota. I crafted out a marketing plan for their flat. After applying my tried and tested strategies to market her property; I sold their unit at their desired price within 2 months!

The wife teared as I revealed the good news, and finally they can retire peacefully with their balance cash proceeds. 

Case Study #5

From Sengkang HDB 3 rm flat and a Yishun HDB 4 rm flat

Family of 3. Young Couple in early 30s decided to upgrade to a bigger flat, however, the husband is the only sole breadwinner with a monthly income of $2500. They had difficulty selling their unit for over 1 year because their unit is directly facing the TPE. After I sit with them to craft out my tried and tested marketing strategies; I managed to sell their unit at record price within 1 week!

The most important thing is that, they have upgraded their lifestyle and additional cash proceeds for their child’s education. 

Case Study #6

First Time Single Buyer for 2 Bedroom Condo

Single Buyer in his late 30s. He is actually working in New Zealand for many years have not had any property portfolio under his belt. I created an awareness that by choosing the right assets, he make make his money work harder for him and see it grow over time thru capital appreciation. After detailed calculations and planning, he finally own a 2 Bedroom Condo in the OCR region with good potential upside.

The most important thing is that, he now has a property savings plan thru property and then able to spend his money wisely! 

Case Study #7

Newly MOP Punggol HDB to Condo in RCR Region

Young family in their early 30s with 1 kid. They made the decision the sell their 5 room HDB flat immediately after the Minimum Occupation Period. Based on facts and figures of HDB Price Cycle, newly MOP period usually fetch the highest prices in the resale market. They cashed out their profits and re-invest into another growth asset; and own a brand new 2 room condo in the RCR region for stay. 

The most important thing is that, they continue to make their money work hard, but this time a little more harder in a growth asset! 

Case Study #8

Newly MOP Punggol HDB to Condo in RCR Region

She is single and planning to start with property investing. We met up because she was so confused. She visited many new launches showflat but didn’t know what worked best for her.

During the assessment to understand her needs better – I went through with her on the pros and cons of the resale market to see if it was something she was looking out for; but it did not meet her requirements. In the end, I introduced her to something that met her budget with all risks considered and taken care of.

All doubts cleared for this lady and the directions set for her to take action! 


Everyone has their own unique background and financial standings, so I will need to sit down with you to have a detailed discussion.

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